by your employer, who then claims most of it back from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Maternity Action is experiencing exceptional demand for our advice line at present so we have put together some frequently asked questions on rights at work and benefits during pregnancy and maternity leave during the Covid-19 pandemic. If your employer doesn't give you form SMP1 on time, mention it to HMRC when writing to them to ask for a decision. FAQs: Covid-19 – rights and benefits during pregnancy and maternity leave [This page was last updated 10 December 2020.] … There is no reason why the woman cannot show one employer the original MATB1 Maternity Certificate, which the employer can then photocopy and then note the copy that the original has been seen and this is a true copy of the original. 28 days of when you tell them you'll be taking maternity leave. Does employer need original matb1? If your employer doesn’t give you form SMP1. Do they usually need it and do I therefore have to ask my workplace for the form back or get a new one from my midwife? There is a function on eESS to electronically attach the MATB1 form. original date (or dates if both the start and end date are within six weeks of ... What you need to know as an employer BABI eS Due ON OR AfT R 3 APRIL 2011 PREgNANCY AND WoRk as an employee ... (MATB1). Get your midwife to sign the certficate at the back of the SSMG application form - thats all you need to claim x Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:28 pm When does my boss need to send the form off and do they need to provide a covering letter with it, or just the form? You must give your employer your MATB1 form at least 28 days before you wish to start your pay – although most women choose to give this form in when giving notice of maternity leave. You'll need a MATB1 form regardless of whether you'll be claiming Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) from your employer or Maternity Allowance (MA) from Jobcentre Plus. You will not have to repay any SMP if you decide not to go back to work. I work for a small company and they haven't had a member of staff pregnant my last employer with my previous pregnancy they sorted it for me! I handed my Matb1 form to my employer a couple of months ago but now my OH's work is asking for the form to sort out his paternity leave. When does an employee need to notify you of their pregnancy? The MATB1 Maternity Certificate can then be given back to the employee for use by the other employer. the date of the week your baby is due (your employer can ask to see a medical certificate or 'MAT B1 form' – you get this from your doctor or midwife once you’re 20 weeks’ pregnant) the date you want to start maternity leave; It’s a good idea to put this in an email or letter, as your employer … By law, your employee must notify you of their pregnancy at least 15 weeks before the expected due date, giving you either a MATB1 form or other medical confirmation. Help would be appreciated! The form doesn't say anything about where I work etc?! There is to and or • • • maternity leave. Your employer should give you form SMP1 within: 7 days of saying they won’t pay your statutory maternity pay and. One you have completed the maternity leave transaction you must provide your manager with your original MATB1 form before the end of the 15th week before the expected date of childbirth. My employer has always kept my matb1 forms. Also known as the Maternity Certificate, the MATB1 is the key piece of paperwork you'll need when working out your maternity leave arrangements.

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