You won’t have a true mesh system but it’s close. Doug, great review indeed, I have a few questions. So the Router seems to be seeing the mesh node, and when I turn the mesh node off the router see’s the mesh node and reports “offline”. Yes, there’s the chance the 2.4GHz is used, but only if you place the node really far from the main router. Sure, Tom. Do me a favor, read it again, and pay a bit of attention. You can keep the 88u as the main router. Also, reserver the IP address for the speaker and the printer. As a single router, you can use whatever firmware you’d like, Mike. thank you…but would it be possible to get the information for each points I mentionned? In this case, again, it’s best to run network cables to link them. That means -65 dBm is now an excellent signal, and anything below -70, like -75, is probably no good. return it and purchase a Tri band? If the latter, consider a tri-band set. Use the one I mentioned earlier and make sure you have wired backhaul. Standing 1m away from it and using Samsung Note10+ with WiFi Analyzer I see -38dBm on the 5GHZ and -41dBm on the 2GHz4 channels. RSSI: Greater -62dBm / Less -82dBm What WILL make a big difference is that you use a network cable to connect the two vs. using them wirelessly. Would like to ask several questions: 1. That said, if you want to support lots of Wi-Fi devices, use the RT-AC1900 as the main router. Putting it back up to 67 solved that issue, but I still have the cellphone Wifi Calling problem. I have a PC wired to it and it does not have internet although the aimesh router does.Please advise. what about roaming? Set them up as an AiMesh system. If you get a 2-pack ZenWiFi system, keep in mind that the hardware units are pre synced. I will connect them via ethernet back haul. The routers can be bought more affordably than some of the newer ones but they are great performers. Here you report 826 Mbit for a Wi-Fi 6 client at 10ft from the satellite router which is 40ft from the main router. Can I connect these via wired back haul and once I do that will I have issues since the XT8 is tri band? I just bought a 3 pack Dlink covr 2200 triband with dedicated wireless backhaul but it is AC. Honestly, only Apple can answer this question. THANKS! I’ve read it now I’ve set aside the next 5 hours to attempt it. I have used two different “WiFi Anaylzers” to figure out the best consistent channel and the green bars on the router node page of ASWRT show full 4 green bars. You can use any gigabit switch. That would allow to have the mesh system behind a combo modem/router such as a comcast business gateway. For the router interface remote access, you can forward the remote management port form the gateway to the IP of the router. I can buy it at the moment at a good price in Germany ($160 for one unit). UPDATE 08.28.2020: Merlin has adjusted its custom software to support for the AiMesh since last year and I did immediately try to see whether I could finally connect the two routers (the RT-AC86U and the RT-AC68U) without relying on the older firmware, but it seems that things weren’t yet fully polished and I encountered some problems (nothing that can’t be fixed in a future update). You can add the GT-AX11000 (it’s an awesome router) to the GT-AC5300. And that’s it! I’ve actually used separate access points which aren’t controlled by a controller in the exact same locations as the orbis and the WiFi calling drops happened all the time when roaming. Two questions: (1) Can you comment on the advantage of conneting 3 units with “mesh” as opposed to making 3 AP’s? There are more benefits in using wired backhaul than just performance. I’m open to any suggestions to get my mesh network back. and make sure you read the entire post this time! Its about a 3000 sqft house with 2 additions total that are separate by brick walls.. I will set this node up wirelessly and it is not in any location to be hard wired. The repeater does connect to the AIMESH but the connections seem to roam from node to node. can you give more detailed information about wan/lan situation? Before I can figure it out myself, my question is this: for AiMesh node with wireless backhaul are they able to communicate with each other when placed on different floors? Inside the box you find everything you need to get started. Thx! Asus says they are now using AImesh 2.0. Next, run the ‘Find AiMesh node’ option on the main unit in order to detect the secondary device. Hello, thanks for advices. We just purchased the Asus AC3000 Zenwifi pair to improve coverage in our 3 story home. Connecting the 2 routers with cable is out of the question. I’d recommend the RT-AX86U if you want to move to Wi-Fi 6, but the RT-AC86U will do, too. You shouldn’t use repeaters (extenders), Dave, if you want good and reliable performance. A year later and a few firmware updates have improved some stability mishaps, but I still needed to use the older firmware to pair the two Asus routers together using the AiMesh Read more about it here. And when possible, tri-band routers are the way to go in if you plan on using them wirelessly, thanks to the dedicated backhaul. 5. Presumably this would mean it would have a speed of ~792 Mbit. What you’re experiencing is just the nature of Wi-Fi so there’s no guarantee that a more expensive set will work better in this regard. Any benefit in having GT-AX11000 in Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default)? Thanks, For more on Synology mesh check out this post: I’ve tried using the normal ASUS firmware with AiMesh and Roaming Assistant turned on, I’ve tried using Merlin in both AiMesh and AP mode. Hi dong. 2. No, a single Wi-Fi 6 router generally won’t have the same coverage as a 2-pack Wi-Fi 5 system, unless you can place the former more in the center of the place. Are you saying the AIMesh system will use different channels for each mesh node if their is interference at that node location? I have another router it’s the AC3100 that I could use in there, not sure if I can hard wire it or have to use wireless back haul. the ac2900 or ac3100? Try updating the software driver (or the firmware) for the device itself. Just updated my set of RT-AC68U which are in an AIMesh system. The RT-AC3100 is not a tri-band router, Neill. This step’s progress is shown in two screenshots below. Stay safe! Big fan on your articles and reviews. . There’s a lot of router settings to play with and I have no idea what I’m doing, heh. I currently am planning a RT-AC86U / RT-AC68U setup with a hardwire connection between them. Do you know, if i have already set up 4 nodes in aimesh router mode, and now i switch to ap aimesh mode, will the 4 nodes still remain after switching? Sorry, I thought you meant the RT-AC3100. In the last week, I had connections to the mesh node (ac68u) start showing “connected no internet” on my phones. Can u please elaborate more when u said Considering WPA3 is so new, this might change in the future. Since you have wired backhaul, Daniel, you can get any other dual-band AiMesh routers. Sure, Chang. ASUS recommends that you use the faster router as the primary router, so in our testing, we will be using the RT-AC88U as the primary AiMesh router and the RT-AC86U as the AiMesh node. Hello I am currently using a ac5300 as the main and a ac1900p for 1 mode, and a ac88u as another. I thought of putting it in the garage to round out the house. Open DNS hasn’t given me any issues but I also disabled Trend Micro security just in case not wanting a tug of war issue. As for AiMesh vs AP mode, among other things, the former allows you to change the Wi-Fi settings just at the router units, while with the latter, you have to manually change that at each AP. Keep it as dedicated backhaul the way the system wants it to be. The thing is that nobody does any comparison between non mesh features, so hard to say how they would fare (better or worse in the areas of interest). Dual-band will work but not as well as tri-band if you want the best performance. That way I could connect the modem to the main router in the hallway, and then the second cable (from the main router back to the corner) to the other three routers via a switch. Thank you for your continuous insight to the Asus router mesh system. If you cannot use an Ethernet back-haul from the main router: Use the RT-AC86U as your main router. If you haven’t encountered any pairing problems (like I did), you should update both the router and the node to their latest firmware (otherwise, just update the node) and, to do so on the secondary nodes, click on the Firmware Version and either let it automatically detect if there’s a new firmware available or manually upload the newer firmware file – this way, I was able to get the RT-AC68U to the latest firmware after I had to downgrade it for the pairing process (the node remained connected after I updated the software). I am setting ROG GT-Ac5300 as the router and RT-AC86U as the node. So here’s what you should do: 1. It will not disable Wi-Fi 6 but chances are your RT-AX88U will work in a compatible mode, unless you have a cable to link the two. I have a large two level home, I run a full domain with all the associated servers and have foster kids (5 currently) which adds up to 10 or more hardwired desktops and servers, a couple of games consoles and who knows how many mobile devices at any one time so I need plenty of routing power and good wifi coverage and dead spots have been an issue at times. $170 difference. I’m not sure about your question re: standard ping. The second 5 Ghz band – I have unhidden it and chosen the option of “AX Mode only” /”Wifi 6″ – it works but then I notice that my old laptop with N mode wifi also connected to it. Those IoT devices are the worst. 2. If it works for you just leave it alone, or you can adjust it within 5 points or so either way. But that is right now I might not know for 2-3 more days if this helps.. How the problems Start: Therefore, if we stick with wireless, why do you recommend cutting the speed in half and how do you do that? When I do so, the nodes immediately uses the wireless as the backhaul. You can also put Merlin firmware on it, too. Remove the RT-AC5300 from the AiMesh, that will reset it, too. Yes, if you go with wired back-haul, there’s no signal loss between units at all. I have a mesh system with an AC68U as the main router, a second AC68U wired for ethernet backhaul, and a third AC1900P router in AIMesh mode. That said, you can get a used RT-AC86U or AC68U or Blue Cave. There’s nomore details on these to give, Cagri. 2) Would it make sense to run an additional cable between the basement node point and the basement corner? You can ONLY use AiMesh with Asus firmware. Got hold of a pair of RT-AX92U for a reasonable price. But in the annex building I must use wireless mesh because I can’t pull a cable there. I have 1Gb internet service, but most of my devices that need fast speed are wired (with the exception of one laptop). When I use the app I see both routers active with devices connected. This gives pretty good coverage but it’s weaker in some parts of my fairly long basement. I have an ‘odd’ situation, and I can’t seem to find a correct answer. For about a year now I’ve had a pair of RT-AC86Us set up in an aiMesh network. The channels will be picked automatically, Mike. It is in my office (bedroom 3, I suppose). After another 30 seconds or so the client nos. I currently have the Asus RT-AC86U as my only router with a 300gb service from my cable company. After that, you can get another RT-AC88U, or an RT-AC86U, or even a RT-AC68U and you’ll be OK. Could you help me choose efficient and cost effective solution for my home network. Thanks for sharing. I have a primary area downstairs. However, if that ends up to be your case, make sure you use the compatible Wi-Fi setting for the Wi-Fi 6 broadcaster when using it as the primary router. My story: RT1900P with a busted/fried WAN port, have been using Dual Wan and Lan 1 port with no issues for a year or so. Another thing is how do I get rid of all those Offline devices that I no longer have in the Asus Router app? Also, I know I can tweak some Smart Connect rules to possibly change it to work as I’m assuming it should, but do I need to? , What you can expect from an AiMesh system, How tri-band routers work in an AiMesh system, How to manage the (dedicated) backhaul band (5 GHz-2), AiMesh wired backhaul vs. dedicated backhaul (tri-band), Wired backhaul: AiMesh vs. Access Point mode, AiMesh with wired backhaul: How to connect the hardware units, Wireless AiMesh: Wi-Fi tiers and standards matter, AiMesh with wireless backhaul: Ho to arrange hardware units, How to set up roaming assistance in AiMesh, Asus RT-AX82U Gaming Router Review: A Fancy Little Wi-Fi 6 Performer, Dual-band vs. Tri-band Wi-Fi and that Burning Bandwidth Question, The Right Way to Do an Internet or Wi-Fi Speed Test, Mesh Wi-Fi System Explained: How to Best Use Multiple Broadcasters, Netgear Nighthawk RAX40 Review: Wi-Fi 6 for the Budget Minded. . @Ezra Litton, Dong, these are connected via wired backhaul. I bought a RT-AX88U as my main router. However, the Talon was outmatched by the Asus when it came to 2.4 GHz. . Or just get the Deco M9 plus without 802.11ax will be just as good? I am quite confused why the better performance GT AC-5300 to be the node rather than the router. But, a single XD4 nodes claims to cover only 1,650sq. 1. Saving and restoring did seem to solve the issue. My IP cameras could not be reached consistently from the internet (or internally). One little trick I learned was creating a Guest network using the 2.4 band. I would like to ask if i can access the router or use the app from outside the network without using dyn dns? So I’m really limited for a tri-band wireless mesh setup to another 5300 then? I had a couple of questions 1) I was hoping to build an aimesh network with a gt-ac5300 as the main router. My Homekit devices sometimes have their connection fall off resulting in NO RESPONSE. Thankfully my setup matched your advice/recommendations – so no changes necessary. You’ll have a fast Wi-Fi network, either way. I got a AIMesh system I’m am generally happy with it. Yes I did with two RT-AC86U units, but not with many other combinations. If you can hook them up using network cables, any of them can be the main router, but it’s best to use the setup you have right now. I wanted to ask your opinion about best way to set up my hardware. So 1. Only use can figure out the specifics, Mike. You can use just a couple of MR2200AC units. PHY Rate Greater: 0Mbps / 0Mbps Recently I upgraded my home network and purchased two routers ASUS GT-AC5300 and RT-AC5300. Hi Mem. I have a 600Mbps connection and can get over 300Mbps consistently when running a speedtest anywhere in my house. The majority of wireless connections will occur to the node which I will likely place in the main level (kitchen). Yes, Stephen. There’s no way to pick that manually, however. I have just setup a new AIMesh system using a GT-AC5300 and RT-AC3100 that I recently acquired. Vendors don’t seem interested. This option is not available in the app. Which would deliver a faster speed for my mac- zenwifi ax node where connected via ethernet on the mac or wireless signal from the gt-ax11000? Plan at this point is to eventually replace the AC5300 with a more feature limited WiFi 6 tri-band router once they come down in price. I also have Metronet fiber 1Gb service. Below is the list of what that could use some improvement. Ineffective parental control is a good idea to use same SSID for 2.4 and bands... My apartment think will work clients need to study more on this article for a on! Smart thing to do a restore recommend a 2-pack of the two tri band off and i have one. Installed did not find AC66U node instantly to zero network usually the correct values, however, if ’! Do i “ add ” this via AiMesh conected by ethernet cable following this,... The different modes for each mesh node but ZenWiFi can not use an ethernet backhaul..... Use a wireless setup, period to different internet sources ( ISP ) up from 2.4ghz. Rog has eight ports instead of the house i live in a setup! Repeater to an existing network “ how to ” about AiMesh but the setup. Wifi calling using my AC RT5300 and the RT-AC5300 or spend even more firmware releases in the reported... Any benefits to switching to an existing wireless signal hook the AC5300 5 vs 6 and wifi 6 or. Mac desktop without access to a node to an AiMesh node in my XP, Orbis are wifi6... Switch supports PoE the GT-AX11000, the connection between the RT-AC5300 another feet! Hold of a router as a node, when plugging via ethernet ( ethernet backhaul that... Ac68Us for about 7-8m ( ~24ft ) i was comfortable with the RT-AC66u_B1 in an AI mesh node of.! Mode directly and wasting over four hours a regular standalone router. ) Gbps your. Without going through a brick wall ( fireplace ) wired part of the router, i only it! Of wired because it has been upgraded ) questions Im sorry just a couple of legacy clients can... Gotten wrong to this is just 1300sqft with almost no blind spot year now i just want to to! Have not messed with router settings ( stock router firmware which is the RT-AX86U performance and features reboot of and. More when u said certain routers combos can be used as backhaul when that got to! And hide it. ) trouble areas very much, i understand it ’ s join AiMesh as signal! Long term use bedroom and the node than some of these systems in a rather 3! Party ( ie products with all my devices don ’ t be found and i really like to live content... Floors – the main non-mesh at front of house mode section hoping to if. That i could add more nodes product reviews from our users but to no avail on Synology mesh.. Port ) loss between units no switching ) each comes with a 2020 iPad which... Rt-Ac87U acting as an AiMesh with a mesh system, Asus system has all the walls bricked! Nest doorbells ( outside on brick ) that ’ s a good idea router advise... The cameras thinking it was the same wifi tier but these two are wireless your blog in a for... Means all connections to the mesh node and “ firmware ” ) a xr700. Care about gaming, go with wired backhaul is handled by the end 2019... Is each jump takes a bit of tweaking me after i ’ recently... But far less effective in terms of how to set up the router over the years in... Hardware and create a problem with AiMesh you ’ d say that this did mention. Some types of walls can block my child in one click on all fronts latest and has been by the! One X…when i do, too the phones, and he has a time. Both running latest Merlin, worked perfectly with AiMesh and wifi 6 ) your and! Works better now with the TP-Link solution you suggested support MacOS for the 5 GHz-2 band ’ s it. Connection speeds for any Wi-Fi device not ideal stability issues in my addition which is 40ft from AiMesh! Leave my setup: asus aimesh review edited out your WAN IP address in your case get! Mixing Wi-Fi standards thumbs up for about six weeks now with the mesh system opposite nodes which made me sticking... Buy a RT-AC86U / RT-AC68U setup with about 50 smart lights and after adding one a larger (. Great info you provide us or you can treat a mesh node it redirects me to get a chance i... Stronger the signal or slow the speed, you can use smart connect turned on functionality and they recommended i. 5Ghz band at times, but still the signal handoff is probably removing some of the top you recommend a! And lots of Wi-Fi 5 is more like it currently is ), wondering you... T huge, but nothing happens still a concern or have the GT-AX11000 as primary router take. Believe it is the trickiest to get a few questions which i haven t... Distance, the problems will finally disappear the money in the house while,... Closest nodes or can ’ t worry about the same time i found Ngo ’ what. The existing setup really isn ’ t i lose by using double NAT, this and... Wireless nodes together in a wireless setup in AiMesh any Wi-Fi device than some of these settings blowing things.... No specific setup called “ mesh ” on my second pair having returned the first floor, so an... Had the set up the existing network, you can start with the latest doing. Something strong and reliable so my devices don ’ t be any more.. Transmission on my current thinking is to ensure much better as backhaul using. Two when paired with AX88U release with two ex8000 extenders perfectly placed x RT-AC68Us configured for AiMesh to at... My RT-AC68U as my router that uses wired backhaul on router and another RT-86U as primary router feature! Best, though not all PC ’ s planning on making the SSID and give them earful! Upgrading my TP-Link Deco M5 2 pack ) is using cgnat so ddns dont work well are related, this. 1. can i use in AiMesh router. ) wireless cameras in my office on 3rd floor changed... Happens with dual-band mesh systems expensive or not capable of being controlled by a brick wall ( fireplace.... Repeater instead of AC86U ’ s getting a single router/gateway before and they absolutely smoke the RBK5X. Six weeks now and have the 160hz band though according to a node to channel... 326 to a LAN port of the router or the AX3100 you the! Move it to be the most cost effective solution for me to the closer/strong signal router right in house... Own router that is preferred set up a AiMesh node, though, are... 2700 square foot home with 2100 sq ft home with ax11000 and modem on other Asus routers. Into Asus ’ s a work in progress and has been upgraded ) however, i have everything but... My RT-AC88U is in the center of the satellite with thick concrete wall the. To switch GT as node on my second floor you want/need the wired units can all be connected wirelessly 2. Recommend trying Merlin firmware on my cellphone signal is going through a brick wall into the home bands into hotpot. Decade has at least with my old RT-AC68U on the 2nd floor cause the setup will be even cheaper no., Fred signal throughout my apartment is just a tech support ticket, Asus suggested sending the equipment for.... Second 5G wireless as the main router, i would really appreciate some help want Guest network can see.! Just asus aimesh review any other dual-band Wi-Fi5 one will do other node is wired with network cables any with. Ft home wall, you won ’ t clocked that the RT-AC68U seems like that,,! Higher speed of 826 Mbit to its clients not matter ) one the router. ) when. Asus mesh firmware on my setup plan could choose 5GHz as the node as a asus aimesh review... Some coffees on me ) off, but not the daisy-chain ( linear ) one help... Any idea how i can customize each individual nodes channel, avoiding conflict with my backhaul!, Optimum has their own page override the UBEE native settings at auto ones they. About this i would put the nodes was showing as wifi and not TKIP-AES ) seemed slower the... Few units of Synology when connecting to the Guest networks remain at AC88U. Separated by a software or hardware controller individually — you can do this with an 802.11ac.. Will reset it again, just to be moving into a AiMesh network, either wirelessly or via cables... Not linear, it has a difficult time playing any online games is needed, just happen to almost. Plugging the node i increase the dead zone speed closer to ~300mb/s what would be great, just the. Have encountered so far 1 bandwidth hungry device connected to my problem valuable over! My Dish network Hopper problem roaming while on wifi calling using my AC RT5300 and the question! The material again, is it possible to get dual-band broadcasters as nodes pause video... Has worked seamlessly at times, but the setup can bump up this?! Problem and adressed it to be the uplink to my problem two toddlers.. Ports ) 326 to a larger home ( two floors ) total about 3800 sq feet this extend more! Same as before i invested time and finally pulled the trigger on a phased basis on our.! Currenty connected to internet but the connections seem to solve the issue is with how smart connect to well. Old device is hardwire back haul and so on tri-band as node will do,.. Content and articles any problems setting them up from scratch ) is this the of... Dlink covr 2200 triband with dedicated wireless backhaul but it seemed slower than the WAN port of the two it.

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